Diploma In Autocad

Duration : 3 Months

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Module I 2D

I Introduction
  • Personal Introduction
  • Course Outline and Objectives
II Auto CAD Overview and Getting Started
  • Launching Auto CAD
  • Screen layout
  • Auto Cad Menu System
  • Create a template drawing
  • New and Open a drawing
  • User Interface
  • Auto Cad Today
  • Template drawing concepts
  • Use of template drawing
  • Floating Tool bars
III Basic 2D Drawing Creation
  • Cartesian Drawing Workspace
  • Rectangles, Polygons, Polylines
  • Drawing Lines, Circles, Arcs
  • SAVE and SAVEAS commands
IV Precision Drawing Tools
  • The Drafting Settings Dialogue Box
  • Setup and use of Object Snaps and Polar Tracking
  • Use of the Absolute coordinate entry system
  • Drive Components
  • One time only Objective Snaps and running Object Snaps
  • Using ORTHO
  • Setup and use of Object Tracking
  • Use of the Relative coordinate entry system
  • Use of the Polar coordinate entry system
V Editing Auto CAD Objects
  • The concepts of creating selections sets of objects
  • Double click editing techniques
  • Commands MOVE, COPY, ROTATE
  • Using the object property painter
  • Creating CHAMFERS, Creating FILLETS
  • Using the properties Window
  • Introduction in the use of GRIPS for editing purposes
  • Editing polylines, STRETCH
  • U and UNDO Command
VI Layer Usage
  • Using layers to organize the drawing
  • Layer Previous, Layer States, Layer Translator
  • Using wildcards to organize the layers
VII Displaying and Viewing Auto CAD Objects
  • Using REGEN
  • Using Zoom extents, Using Zoom scales
  • Real - time PAN and ZOOM
  • Using Zoom window, Saving and restoring views
VIII Drawing organization and Query
  • Layers standards, Layer states, Layer previous
  • How to use the on-line HELP command
  • Setting View Scale, Adjustments
  • Multi-drawing environment
  • Finding out information about an object using the LIST command
  • Finding the AREA of an object
  • Creating a template drawing
  • Layer Translator concepts
  • Organizing Auto CAD objects using the LAYER command
  • Hatch Scale, Text Height, Dimension Scale
  • Drag and drop objects from drawing to drawing
  • Getting angles and distance by using the Distance command
  • Setting drawing UNITS
IX Annotating Auto CAD Objects
  • Creating TEXT styles
  • Using the text Command to add teat to your drawing
  • Multiline text creation
  • MTEXT editing
  • Spell checking
  • Fonts used by the AutoCad
  • Cut and Paste text from another document
  • MTEXT formatting
  • Justify text
X Dimensioning
  • Dimensioning concepts
  • Using dimension variable to control dimensions
  • Creating dimensions using Quick Dimension
  • Editing dimensions
  • Associative dimensions
  • Using the DIMDISASSOCIATE command
  • Creating and controlling dimension styles
  • Single dimensions
  • Creating leaders using Quick Leader
  • Grips editing for dimensions
  • Using the DIMREASSOCIATE command
  • Dimension regeneration
XI Hatch Objects
  • Boundary hatching
  • Hatch pattern editing
XII Creating Auto CAD Objects
  • Auto CAD Design Center usage
XIII Plotting
  • Plotting concepts
  • Viewports toolbar
  • Plot settings
  • Plot preview
  • Plotting a drawing
  • Establishing scales factors
  • Locking viewpoints
  • Plot style tables
  • Page setups

Module II Isometric Drawing

  • Introduction
  • Oblique Dimensioning
  • Using Isometric Snaps

Module III Working in 3D

I 3D Concepts
  • Types of 3D objects
  • Viewing in 3D
  • AutoCAD’s 3D Coordinate System
  • Introduction to User Coordinate System
II 3D Modeling
  • Solid Concepts
  • Creating Complex Solids
  • Solid Primitives
III 3D Visualization Techniques
  • Rendering Concepts
  • Scenes & Lighting
  • Walkthrough
  • Adding Materials to the Model
  • Adding Bitmap Image
Relent Capsules
  • Internet & E-Mail
  • Interview Tips and Tricks
  • Personality Development
  • Evaluation & Certification

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